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Samsung Techwin's world class imaging technology is now applied to more diverse business areas including Access Control and Intruder Detection. The repowering method is an extremely attractive solution for PV system operators, banks or investors alike, whose solar system show a progressive degradation, says Michael Reck, Head of Repowering at ADLER Solar. Hanwha Chemical is also expanding its global business to cover emerging future industries such as photovoltaics and nanotechnology.

Before joining Stäubli, Olivier has gained professional experience in marketing and sales for more than 12 years in the Medtec industry. Hanwha Q CELLS is a flagship company of Hanwha Group, a FORTUNE Global 500 firm and a Top 8 business enterprise in South Korea.

Only two years later, in 2013, Hanwha Q CELLS Japan was already the largest foreign solar product provider in Japan. As the only aircraft engine manufacturer in South Korea, Hanwha Aerospace has become a leader in the cutting-edge machinery industry, specializing in the development, production, and maintenance of aircraft engines.

The company is also a major player in the global finance industry, continuously adapting to provide financial solutions that meet the needs of today's consumers. Moreover, all Q.ANTUM products comply with the strict Hanwha Q CELLS quality standards, including much harsher criteria than regular certification, frequent and repeated testing of samples from running production.

Since then Hanwha Corporation has grown into one of the nation's leading companies, with two major business units: The Explosives Division which makes commercial explosives, technologically advanced defense industry products and aerospace products, and the Trade Division, which, by using the company's vast global network, deals with a variety of products, including petroleum, metals, and other goods.

With world-class manufacturing facilities, innovative R&D centers, sales and service network around the world, Hanwha has become a reliable source of solar energy solutions and a trusted global partner. (NASDAQ:HQCL) is one of the world´s largest and most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers for its high-performance, high-quality solar cells and modules.

+ ESS-G.1 is being marketed via the company´s Q.PARTNER network and is available with or without a Q CELLS solar system. Oversupply may be a problem going forward, especially as Chinese robot manufacturers step up their production, but even including the new companies entering the market, the number of industry-standard robot makers worldwide is relatively small.

Hanwha Group has 61 domestic affiliates and 258 global networks in three major sectors: manufacturing and construction, finance, and services and leisure. Hugh has worked in various parts of the solar value chain including sales of modules, project development, EPC and now quality control and purchasing advice.

Bihag carries over 15 years of experience in Renewable Energy Sector and has been associated with 34,860MW of Wind Energy (both onshore and offshore) and 6,650MW of solar PV plants. Green Hedge will continue to stay involved with the project as operations and maintenance sub-contractor to Hanwha Q CELLS.

Like most large robot companies, Yaskawa also now offers information technology services, which collectively represent the key competitive differentiator for big industrial companies going forward. A professional PV cell manufacturer with largest PV cell capacities in Taiwan and Top 10 Globally.

Tanmay has multi country consulting experience across India, Germany, China, Dubai, Kazakhstan and Qatar, for cumulative capacity of around 80 MW; involving solar project feasibility study, TEV study, Engineering & Design, Plant Performance audits and Project Management.

It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ) and Thalheim, Germany hanwha (Technology & Innovation HQ) with its diverse international manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China. He has co-founded Chroma Systems and Chroma Energy in the past, both technology companies working in imaging and concentrator PV technology respectively.

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